Fifth Third Bank

Grand Openings and Branch Revival

The Problem

Fifth Third Bank is a national brand with over 100 branches in 18 states. In 2011, Fifth Third Bank embarked on an aggressive expansion campaign in the eastern United States. Although the bank had brand recognition and a loyal following, competition from larger banks such as Bank of America made gaining new clients a challenge. Also, due to the state of the economy, consumers were wary of new banks and credit unions.

The Objectives

Fifth Third Bank needed to gain brand recognition in new markets and thus obtain new loyal customers. The main objective was to widen the brand recognition to be top of mind when consumers were shopping for bank services. As the brand became more visible, the new branches and the existing branches would have more traffic and thus gain new customers. aMAEzing was tasked with creating successful grand opening celebrations in each new branch.

The Plan

aMAEzing was tasked with managing all the aspects of 20 grand opening celebrations and the Brand Ambassadors program. The program was designed to blitz the areas surrounding the new branches the week prior to and the week of the grand opening to distribute information. aMAEzing also analyzed research that had been previously done in each market to develop the best approach for each city.

The Tactics

aMAEzing operated in 20 cities, employed 150 people and managed 50 street teams for the project during the 7months. We were responsible for hiring in each city, payroll, signage, scouting areas and served as team leaders in each market. 

The Results

This highly successful campaign across six states consistently attracted 400+ participants, generated 300 hot leads, and 20-50 new accounts opened during each grand opening week.  The successfulness of the campaign encouraged Fifth Third Bank to adopt this program into their business marketing model. Due to the sensitive nature of the banking industry, aMAEzing was not privy to specific financial information. However, Fifth Third Bank revealed to us that we had a 30% increase in overall ROI over budget.