case studies

It's About You

The Problem

Mayor Emanuel of Chicago was joined by Mayor Castro of San Antonio and leadership from the beverage industry to create an innovative municipal wellness challenge that pit employees from San Antonio and Chicago in a competition against each other, to see who could improve their wellness profile the most, with the opportunity to earn cash rewards. The program was supported by a $5 million grant from the American Beverage... ...[READ MORE]

Grand Openings and Branch Revival

The Problem

Fifth Third Bank is a national brand with over 100 branches in 18 states. In 2011, Fifth Third Bank embarked on an aggressive expansion campaign in the eastern United States. Although the bank had brand recognition and a loyal following, competition from larger banks such as Bank of America made gaining new clients a challenge. Also, due to the state of the economy, consumers were wary of new banks and... ...[READ MORE]

2012 Responsible Pet Ownership Campaign

The Problem

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services center was mostly considered in the community as "the city pound." When people saw a loose dog on the streets posing a threat they would call this "pound" to take care of the problem by putting dogs and cats down. Not many in San Antonio knew that the ACS center is a community resource that works tirelessly to protect and serve the city's many domestic... ...[READ MORE]